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Series 1 – Seasons

Book One – CHARLOTTE’S SUMMER … Available from Amazon

Book Two – FALLING FOR BETH … Available from Amazon.

Book Three – ALICE IN WINTERLAND … Available from Amazon.

Book Four – SPRING BELLE … Available from Amazon.

Series 2 – Seasons Sons & Daughters

Book Five – MADELINE’S MATCH … Available from Amazon.

Book Six– HANNAH’S HOPE … Available from Amazon.

Book Seven – SARAH’S CHOICE … Available from Amazon.

Book Eight – STELLA’S FELLA … Available from Amazon.

Season’s Box Set (Books 1 – 4) Amazon

Non-Amazon/Kindle readers 

My books are NOW available from all major retailers. Click the links below!

 Series 1 – Seasons 

CHARLOTTE’S SUMMER –  B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

FALLING FOR BETH – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

ALICE IN WINTERLAND – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

SPRING BELLE – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

Series 2 – Seasons Sons & Daughters

MADELINE’S MATCH – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

HANNAH’S HOPE – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

SARAH’S CHOICE – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

STELLA’S FELLA – B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

SEASONS BOX SET (BOOKS 1 – 4) B&N iBooks Kobo Scribd

Series 1 – Seasons 



Available from Amazon.

Seattle orphan, Charlotte Bates is horrified when the evil Mr Graynger informs her that on her upcoming 18th birthday, she WILL become his wife.
But Charlotte simply can’t marry him … she won’t! He is vulgar, putrid and disrespectful – not to mention, over three times her age.
With help from her best friend Beth Edwards and the kindly Mistress Belle, Charlotte is soon heading east to marry young farmer Thomas Ackerman in Conrad, Montana.

As her life in Conrad unfolds, Charlotte meets a wonderful mix of townsfolk, including her future husband Thomas, the lovely Louise, the interfering Mabel, and, an adorable 8-year-old named Junior.
But even in Paradise, life doesn’t always turn out the way we might hope or expect it to.
Has Charlotte jumped from the frying pan into the fire?
Or might she learn that amidst the mud and the blood and the tears, romance and love can materialize in the most magical, unexpected ways.

Falling for Beth


Available from Amazon.

Red-haired orphan, Beth Edwards is both thrilled and flattered to receive a letter — personally asking her to become Earl Mason’s bride.Not only has it been adorably written by his 8-year-old son Junior, he’s also from Conrad, Montana and that’s where her dearest friend Charlotte has recently married and settled.

Beth sets off to Conrad, looking forward to a new life and a new family. But little does she know that Earl is completely unaware of his impending marriage – not only that, but after the passing of his dear wife Grace, the man had made a promise to himself, never to marry again!

His son Junior, however, wants a new Ma to love and has other plans – and so too, does Earl’s lonely heart.



Available from Amazon.

All Alice Hamilton wants is a happy family life. But after her father is murdered, and Alice becomes the object of a manhunt, she must flee, and fast!

So flee she does – from Texas to Seattle, and then to Montana – into the strong arms of blacksmith Gabe Calhoun – to become his mail order bride. At least, that’s what she hopes…

Unfortunately, Gabe’s mother, for reasons of her own, takes an instant dislike to his bride-to-be, Alice. Will Gabe be able to risk his Ma’s disapproval and marry his sweetheart? Or might distrust, gossip and accusations intrude, and threaten to tear their family apart?

Everyone has a lesson to learn – Gabe must learn to be his own man; his mother must learn to let go of her only child; and most importantly, Alice will learn that while she can run, no one can hide from their fate, not forever.

BelleBook Four – SPRING BELLE

Available from Amazon.

Miss Belle Saunders feels trapped in a life of servitude as Mistress of Saint Anne’s orphanage. Her selfish boss, Mr. Graynger hasn’t given her a day off in over a decade.
In desperate need of a change of scenery, Belle decides it’s time to visit two girls previously under her care – Charlotte and Beth, recently married and settled in Conrad, Montana.

On arriving in Conrad, it isn’t long before she offers a helping hand and find herself in the middle of another domestic disaster – Doc Lawson’s unkempt house and his six feisty children, including his mute five-year-old daughter, Sophie.

Meanwhile, overwhelmed widower Doc Lawson is eagerly awaiting news of his mail order bride. And nothing short of a miracle will help him find the perfect carer for his children — and just as importantly, his future bride.

In Spring Belle, the final book in the Seasons series, you will find reunions & romance, family & fun, and even puppies & payback.

“For the seasons had come full circle”

Series 2 – Seasons Sons & Daughters

It too is set in Conrad — however, 10 years have gone by.

Doc Lawson’s six children are now just about all grown up, and so too is the garrulous & handsome Earl “Junior” Mason.

It’s now the youngsters’ turn to experience the joy of love and marriage.

Matchmaking & mail order brides (and one lucky husband) seem like just the ticket!
After all, it worked out just fine for their parents — what could possibly go wrong?



Available from Amazon.

“The rich and poor don’t mix!”

With these words, 18-year-old Madeline Conner has two weeks to leave her dear mother and her home in Seattle.
After reading a very unusual request for a mail order bride, she travels to Conrad, Montana to meet her cowboy groom, whose letter said, “I love surprises more than just about anything else…”

According to Seth Lawson, he has a balanced life – working hard all week & playing hard all weekend. Whiskey and him are slowly becoming best friends. But his older brother, Samuel, has had enough of Seth heading down the wrong path – so young Seth is about to get the surprise of his life.

A romantic story about finding a place — and a person — to call home.

MOB AL SSD HH Hannah coverBook Six — HANNAH’S HOPE

Available from Amazon.

Miss Hannah Prescott appears to have a good life – after all, her parents are the Prescotts. The very wealthy Prescotts who live on a sprawling estate in the richest part of Seattle.
But Hannah is suffocating under the constant scrutiny of her overbearing, sour and snobbish mother, Gertrude.

With help from Jonah, the estate’s groundskeeper, she finally makes her escape. Early one morning, with her heart filled with hope, she boards a train headed for Conrad, Montana, to wed the handsome horse-keeper, Solomon Lawson … to whom she has secretly been writing letters for the last six months.

Hannah’s mother’s favorite saying is, “The rich and poor don’t mix.” And the truth of that saying will soon be put to the test!
With not one maid in sight Hannah must step up to household duties, and Solomon will soon find burnt meals are the order of the day.

A story of new love, new family, new beginnings – and the newly-wedded Solomon Lawson, who’s about to chow down on an extra large helping of Humble Pie.

 MOB AL Sarah's Choice Cover 300x457Book Seven — SARAH’S CHOICE

Available from Amazon.

In a surprising turn of events, Conrad’s Miss Sarah Lawson inherits a beautiful timber box and a ramshackle home down by the town’s well. With nobody to help her repair the home, her frustration as an unmarried woman begins to build. Sarah soon decides — what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and if her brothers can do it, she can too. After all, it is 1898!

So, much to the town’s surprise, she writes away for Conrad’s very first mail order husband.

26 year-old Elliot Hathaway is a strong and capable worker at his father’s Hardware Store in Seattle. Yet, he too is frustrated — a childhood accident has left him with facial scars and he is trapped — by his overprotective father, his own shyness and his inertia.

Sarah’s decision will lead her down a path, where she will need all her courage, and the strength to deal with her father’s disapproval and plenty of hard work — but the true meaning of love will light her way.

And the beautiful timber box? Well, it’s locked and there’s no key to be found — or is there? For, just like the mystery of love, there are always clues…

Stellas-Fella-KindleBook Eight — STELLA’S FELLA

Available from Amazon

Conrad’s Miss Stella Lawson is living a charmed life – she’s studying theatre in Boston, and being pursued by a most eligible man. A perfect man, maybe. But is a perfect man what her heart wants?

Lonesome and confused, she decides she must head home — to her family; to that beautiful big Montana sky; and, if truth be told, to a certain someone. A someone who just might hold the key to Stella’s precious heart…

This is a story of unrequited love, and the always present danger of rumor and regret.
But also, it’s a story of surprise, spontaneity … and in the end, when it matters, it’s a story of joy.
Will it be too little too late for Stella and her fella?

Sooner or later, it’s time to grow up — and time to tell someone your truth.

In Stella’s Fella, the final book in the Seasons Sons & Daughters series, you will find the ache of unrequited love lost and found. Also, for one of Conrad’s much maligned townsfolk, the surprise of unexpected love!

“And to everything there is a season”



All four Seasons Books in one Box-Set! What readers have to say…

Book 1 – Charlotte’s Summer – “…is a delightful story and it was well written, clean and a sweet romance. The characters were precious, especially little ‘Junior'”.

Book 2 – Falling for Beth – “I must say I really love this author. She puts a lot of heart and soul in her books.””

Book 3 – Alice in Winterland – “…has to be the best of the brides that I read. Humor, gossip, secrets and love.”

Book 4 – Spring Belle – “This was a fabulous ending to the series.”

Annie writes sweet stories filled with great community spirit, adventure, quirky townsfolk, and of course plenty of romance and weddings!
The Seasons Mail Order Bride Series is set in the western frontier town of Conrad, Montana during the late 1800s.


43 thoughts on “My Books & Release Dates

  1. Read the entire Seasons!! Great job!! I almost hated to read “40 years later,” at the end of “Stella’s Fella.” I kind of knew what was coming but still hard to read about all the characters I had come to know and enjoyed so much. Thank you, gene


    1. Hello Gene, I’m sorry to have taken so long replying to your lovely message, but I have been away on a wonderful holiday and have only just now returned to my writing desk. I’m delighted that you enjoyed the Seasons series. It was so much fun to write and I miss the characters terribly. Junior will always hold a very special place in my heart. Keep your eye out for more books coming soon. I’m currently writing a new series about the Mayfield sisters and their very lucky grooms. Thank you so much for reading my books. It means the world to me. Take care, Annie xx


  2. Annie, I just finished reading the Seasons series ons and the son and daughter seriees. I loved all of them! The characters were wonderful, your storylines were engaging and kept me glued to each and every book!

    I only have one question, at the end of Belle’s book, it was noted that the Masons were expecting their eighth child. Yet, at the end of Junior and Stella’s book the epilogue only updated four of the kids. What happened to the other four?

    Thank you for a wonderful series!


    1. Hi Sharon, thank you so much for reading my books. I’m so pleased you enjoyed them. The characters mean a lot to me and I love getting feed back from readers! In Book 5 – Madeline’s Match (10 years after the first series) Beth and Earl have Junior, Benjamin, Jordan, Katherine, Joseph, Olive and Beth is expecting another baby (another son whom she has by book 6) Then in book 8 – Stella’s Fella – you’re correct, she is expecting baby #8. I had to put my thinking cap on to remember all these babies. In hindsight I probably should have touched more on the lives of all the children in the epilogue, but I concentrated on just a few of them, that being Benjamin, Katherine and of course little Olive. Perhaps one day I will write more stories involving these characters?? Hmm… now there’s a thought! Thanks again, take care. Annie.


      1. I am so glad to hear you didn’t forget them! Yes, they had houseful! I was so glad to hear about Sophie!!


  3. Hi Annie: I just finished Charlotte’s story. Then, I had to find out about Beth. Finally, could not wait to read Alice’s story! LOVED all three of them! I’m not your typical fan of Western romances but this 70 year old male would rather read a good romance than anything else. I also write reviews of my favorites on Goodreads and Amazon. You may find me by my handle: chiklitmanfan. Alas, I’ll probably end up reading ALL of your offerings.


    1. Hi Jeffrey, I am SO pleased you have enjoyed reading Charlotte, Beth and Alice! There are five more in the Seasons series, the last is set in 1899. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them, too!
      I look forward to reading your reviews and discovering your favorite author & books.
      Take care chiklitmanfan!


  4. I haven’t seen any emails from you for a while, so I sign up again. I love your books and have read all of them. When will Stella’s Fella be out. I looking forward to read more about the gang especially Junior. Thank You for the good reads
    Regards, Sue


    1. Hi Sue, really pleased you enjoy my books! Stella’s Fella is about a week away from release. Stella and a certain “fella” sure have an interesting journey in this book.
      I really hope you love Stella’s Fella too.
      Take care,
      ps I have a soft spot for Junior too!


  5. It really bothers me that Conrad, MT is 128 mile northerly from Helena, yet in Charlotte’s Summer, that distance was traveled by horse-drawn wagon in less than a day. I am enjoying reading this novel, but I do like facts that are more correct.


    1. Hi Judy, Sorry about that! I did research the area but it seems I must have calculated the distance & time driving a car!
      How embarrassing. I am pleased you are otherwise enjoying the story.
      Take care, Annie


  6. I am reading Alice in Winterland I loved the other 2 books of the series, can’t wait to read more of your books.


    1. Thank you Tina, really pleased you are enjoying the Seasons series — I really love writing them too! Alice’s story has a little twist at the end — I hope it surprises you.
      I have just completed writing Stella’s Fella (Book 8) and plan to release it by the end of July.
      Take care, Annie


  7. Hi,
    Over the past couple of weeks I have discovered and read your books. Love them all and can’t wait to read Stella’s Fella.
    Thank you for writing such an enjoyable series of books.


    1. Thank you Anne, sometimes I wish I could write and release them as fast as my readers read them. Feedback like yours, makes a big difference to my writing days!
      I hope, Stella’s Fella will make our hearts sing — wish me luck 🙂
      Take care,


  8. I have read & enjoyed your entire first series, thank you for the enjoyable, relaxing times & laughs. While I am looking forward to the next series I wanted to make you aware I have been trying to get each book I read, I review on Amazon only having troubles AGAIN with them not making it to the review page. I had this in the past as well and contacted the publisher of the books I reviewed & they came on with a couple days. Don’t know if you can do something on your end as I am typed out – (which is why I review directly after I read the book, BEFORE moving to the next one) My reviews are not anything special but they are my way of giving back to you, the author my appreciation for your craft. Yep they were all 5 stars too 😉 So I will leave you my thanks here.


    1. Hi Jolene,
      Thank you for getting in touch and letting me know about the reviewing glitch. I will look into it.
      And of course, I am thrilled you enjoyed my books too!
      My next book, Madeline’s Match should be out within the next two weeks.
      Take care and thanks again,


    1. Thank you Yvonne – I am really pleased you find my books relaxing to read! I am busy writing my next book. The first in Season’s Sons & Daughters. It’s about a young woman named Madeline, who will be travelling to Conrad to marry an eligible young Conrad man.
      Take care, Annie


  9. I enjoyed very much your series “Seasons Mail Order Bride” and I can’t wait to read your next series “Seasons Sons & Daughters”. I hope you publish them very soon. I confess that I’m hooked!!!


    1. Hi Victoria – Really pleased you enjoy reading my books … I quite fancy writing them ; ).
      The next series is slowly forming in my mind and I am really looking forward to putting pen to paper (fingertips to keys).
      Take care, Annie


    1. Hi Leona, thank you for your interest! Spring Belle is a little behind schedule and is currently at the proofreaders.
      So, all going smoothly it will available on Amazon by the 14th September 2015 (and on other retailers after the 12th October 2015). Hope you enjoy her story too.
      Take care,


  10. I just finished reading Charlotte’s Summer and was looking on Barnes and Noble for Falling for Beth for my Nook. Is it available? Loved Charlotte!


    1. Hi Sandra, I am really pleased you loved Charlotte’s Summer. I hope to make the whole series available on B&N, iBooks etc later in the year.
      Please accept a complimentary copy of Falling for Beth (I will email it to you).
      Thank you for visiting!
      Take care, Annie


  11. Am new to your books. Just finished Charlotte’s Summer. Am a Nook user and hoping you will be available through Barnes and Noble soon. Any information on that possibility?


    1. Thanks for your interest Betty!
      I will have the full Season’s series available on B&N, hopefully, later in the year.
      In the meantime, please accept complimentary copies of Falling for Beth and Alice in Winterland.
      Take care, Annie


    1. Hi Abbie, I am really pleased you loved my first 3 books!
      Book Four, Spring Belle is about a week away from being released.
      I hope you enjoy Belle’s story too!
      Take care, Annie


  12. Hello! Juliet James mentioned your series and I’m dying to read it. However, I can’t find it in iTunes. When will it be available for purchase via Apple? Thanks!


    1. Hi Kelly! I am planning to upload my Seasons series to other retailers later in 2015.
      In the meantime, please accept complimentary copies of my first 3 books.
      I really hope you enjoy my books too!
      Take care, Annie


  13. I have really enjoyed reading the first three books of your Seasons Mail Order Brides series so far. I’m waiting for Belle’s story. I know it comes out next month but I kept going to Amazon looking for it or a pre-order for it. Please let us know when its out so I can buy it. Keep on writing.


    1. Hi Susan, I am really pleased you enjoyed my first books! Belle’s story will be out mid August and if you join my mailing list, I will email you as soon as it is available!
      Back to my writing desk … take care, Annie


  14. I have totally enjoyed all three of the mail order bride series so far. Please tell me that Charlotte will be or is already in a family way. I’m anxiously awaiting Belle’s story. I kept going to Amazon to see if I can pre-order, so I won’t miss or forget when it comes out. I enjoyed your books a lot. Thank you and keep them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Annette, I am really pleased you are enjoying my books. Charlotte in the family way? No-one has told me anything yet ; ).
      I’ve never uploaded a pre-order before but maybe this time I will, thanks for the suggestion … although, Belle is a few weeks off from being completed.
      Take care, Annie


  15. Just finished reading Alice’s story brilliant loved the ending but that’s all I am saying so as not to spoil it for the other readers I have read the sneak peek of Belle’s story. So now I wait for it.
    Thanks for these great books
    Regards Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really pleased you loved Alice too Hilary! I had fun writing Alice’s story and I really love a good twist!
      Summer Belle will be out in about a month’s time, so I hope she’ll be worth the wait.
      Take care, Annie


  16. I have really enjoyed your first two books and the sneak peek of book three has me excited.
    Thank you looking forward to reading it all when released.
    Regards Hilary in Belfast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Hilary – I am really pleased you enjoyed Charlotte & Beth’s books.
      I hope you also enjoy Alice’s story too! Alice in Winterland will be out within the next few weeks.
      Take care,


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